VP of Engineering


As VP of Engineering, you’re responsible for functional slices of the Engineering team. You will typically lead both directors and managers across multiple slices.

You’re not generally expected to write code on a day-to-day basis. However, you should have a strong technical background and spend some of your time researching new technologies and staying abreast of trends in the tech industry.

You work closely with the CTO in reinforcing culture, best-practices and career development across the team.

Example Skills and Behaviors

People Leader

  • Recognized as an influential leader within and outside the organization; strong role model for leadership
  • Strong Team Leader with ability to recruit senior, bar-raising hires
  • Manages pipeline and bench of talent for their function, including developing and retaining talent to execute against Glossier’s strategy
  • Skilled and experienced in handling people relations issues and managing teams through organizational changes/restructurings
  • Creates clarity around compensation, leveling, and performance


  • Requires expertise in function including knowledge of industry trends and external competitive factors
  • Has a unique talent to manage technical debt, evaluating trade-offs between delivering features, scalability and maintainability


  • Works effectively cross-functionally
  • Works globally, as required
  • Articulates the overall direction of the Engineering team

Execution / Delivering Goals

  • Sets vision and strategy for multiple functions or large function that aligns to Glossier's overall company strategy

Discretion / Supervision

  • Accomplishes work via effectively managing function and sub-functions and delegation to directors/managers; very little IC work

Operational Elements

  • Develops and manages P&L and/or budgets

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