8 - VP Engineering


As VP of Engineering, you’re responsible for functional slices of the Engineering team. You will typically lead both directors and engineers across multiple slices.

You’re not generally expected to write code on a day-to-day basis. However, you should have a strong technical background and spend some of your time researching new technologies and staying abreast of trends in the tech industry.

You work closely with the CTO in reinforcing culture, best-practices and career development across the team.

Example skills and behaviors

  • Identifies and recruits great engineers to improve the team
  • Applies technical expertise to guide strategic discussions around finance, legal, security
  • Actively develops leaders on the team, and helps them in turn grow their reports
  • Articulates the overall direction of the engineering team
  • Advocates on behalf of engineering at the executive level
  • Creates processes for effective communication between engineering and other teams at Glossier
  • Creates clarity around roles, compensation, leveling
  • Creates a team culture that makes Glossier an engaging, fun place to work
  • Ensures that the engineering team’s culture is consistent with the broader culture at Glossier
  • Coach and mentors senior leadership on the Engineering team
  • Creates fun, inclusive, and professional team events
  • Has a unique talent to manage technical debt, evaluating trade-offs between delivering features, maintainability, and team happiness
  • Understands how to create momentum behind a project, and know when to say no
  • Leverages external network to improve Glossier – scales the team and platform concurrently
  • Effectively recruits and develops the future leaders of the team

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