6 - Engineering Manager


As an Engineering Manager, you’re the manager of a small to mid-sized team. You're a strong project manager and are comfortable with management practices. As a leader, you track your the team's efficiency and quality of work and regularly assist in adjusting processes and timelines to ensure that they’re meeting expectations.


You spend less time writing code than a Staff Engineer, but there is an expectation that you still engage in some technical deliverables such as bug fixes and small features, without blocking or slowing down your team’s progress. More than writing code, you’re responsible for identifying process bottlenecks and clearing any potential roadblocks to success for your team.

You and Your Team

You’re expected to have a large impact on the success of their team as a whole. Specifically, as a leader, you’re capable of identifying the most high-value projects and keeping your team focused on them. In doing so, you’ll partner closely with Product Managers and Project Managers to manage project scope and ensure that technical deliverables are met. In addition to focusing your team’s efforts, you’re capable of identifying headcount needs, as well as planning and recruiting as needed.

You’re an independent manager. You're comfortable managing team members whose skills may differ from your own. You communicate expectations clearly to all team members - soliciting and delivering individual feedback often. You are also expected to identify areas of technical debt, to carry out cost/benefit analyses for resolving it, and communicating suggested timelines to the Product and Engineering teams in order to do so.

Example skills and behaviors

  • Implements effective processes to ensure their team is communicating effectively and work is on track
  • Delivers fair, candid, and motivating performance reviews that show reports a path for growth
  • Strikes the right balance between finding opportunities for the team to learn/improve, and shipping projects on time
  • Understands the prioritization process, and how projects need to fit into broader goals for the company
  • Scopes work on complex projects involving multiple engineers, and ensures the team delivers on time
  • Proactively identifies and addresses potential roadblocks before they impact the team
  • Facilitates healthy discussions across the Engineering team
  • Seeks to understand, mediate, and resolve conflict
  • Coaches others on the team towards mindful communication
  • Helps team understand the broader context behind change so that trust is fostered across the company
  • Promotes initiatives for inclusion and transparency at Glossier
  • Guides others on the team through change
  • Capable of running hiring for a role, can identify and recruit talent, runs pre-briefs/de-briefs, etc.
  • Contributes to Glossier’s external brand, e.g.: through impactful blog posts, networking, public talks

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